Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two Cathedrals

(No,this is not a West Wing post.)

Yesterday NYC saw the installation Mass for Archbishop Timothy Dolan at St. Patrick's. Today is the home opener for the new Yankee Stadium. Both were joyous occasions for New Yorkers everywhere. Both had charismatic personalities. Both had beautiful liturgies (really, the Yankees do beautiful liturgies, they just don't call them that, but it's a religious experience for many!). I am sure there were some people who attended both events.

Archbishop Dolan hit a home run at his installation. He was warm, funny, joyous, fatherly and priestly. Hopefully the Yankees will do as well.

Almost a year ago, Pope Benedict XVI said Mass at the old Yankee stadium; a cathedral of baseball. (See, I told you the Yankees do beautiful liturgies!). Maybe he'll be back to say Mass at the new stadium. It's a certainty that there will be a papal Mass at the new stadium eventually. Maybe Pope Dolan?

Update: Shortly after posting this, Archbishop Dolan was a guest on the Yankees Radio Network broadcast with John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman. Abp. Dolan could always go into sports broadcasting if the Archbishop gig doesn't work out...

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