Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Canticle for Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.

Saint Francis of Assisi and Blessed Kateri Tekawitha are patrons of the environment(-alists) and ecology (-ists).

Saint Francis is well-known for his love of nature, a love that came out of his love for Jesus Christ. St.Francis' "Canticle" starts with praise of God and blesses the Lord for his creation. He refers to creation as his brothers and sisters because the share a common Father. Concern for creation properly comes out of love for the Creator.

A contemporary St. Francis was Rich Mullins. Several of his songs, like "The Color Green" share a sensibility with St. Francis' "Canticle." Rich Mullins started Kid Brothers of St. Frank ,to help train other men in the Christian faith and outreach. Mullins was killed in a car accident in 1997. His family continues this legacy.

I imagine Rich, St. Francis and Blessed Kateri praying that our love for the Earth will flow from our love for Jesus Christ.

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Bonnieupnorth said...

Brian, As the feast day for St. Francis just passed on Oct. 4....bring of the Anglican persuasion in Canada we also celebrate it by a Pet Blessing service to which I bring my two huskies.