Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Best First Line of A Song

Here's a simple survey. What is the best first line of a song you've heard? You were listening to the radio or playing a new CD and the first line of a song just reached out and grabbed you. Some examples:

"What a beautiful piece of heartache this has all turned out to be."
from "Latter Days", Over The Rhine, Good Dog Bad Dog.

"After the rain in the streets light flows like blood"
from "After the Rain", Bruce Cockburn, Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws

"The screen door slams, Mary's dress waves"
from "Thunder Road", Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run

So what's your favorite first line of a song? It has to be a first line, not a whole verse or chorus or a line that's not the first line--that's for another time!

Line, Artist, Album.


Anonymous said...

"Put on my blue suede shoes and I boarded the plane.."

(btw - it's very hard to pick one, and this probably isn't my favorite, but since I'm getting ready to leave on vacation...)

Of course, anything JONI!

"My analyst told me that I was right out of my head..."
(TWISTED by Joni Mitchell from COURT AND SPARK)

Anonymous said...

Romeo was restless, he was ready to kill. He jumped out the window 'cause he couldn't sit still. (Juliet was waiting wth her safety net. She said, "Don't bury me 'cause I'm not dead yet.")
Elvis Costello, Mystery Dance

Brian Sullivan said...

Ok, anonymous. That's really a whole verse, but good first line nonetheless.